Ombre Hair Color - 100.00+

Complimentary blow dry.

One Step Color - 65.00+

 One step color begins with a consultation with one of our expert colorists. Together, you decide on the best haircolor for you. The color is applied and you have a beautiful new color in one easy step. Includes complimentary dry styling.

Two Step Color - Upon Consultation

Talk to our expert colorists today! Includes complimentary dry styling.

Corrective Color - Upon Consultation

Our colorists are experts at fixing hair color gone wrong. We will work with you to get the hair color you want. Includes complimentary dry styling.


Options available:

  • Full Highlights - 95.00+

  • Partial Highlights - 80.00+

Highlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your overall color. Highlights can be applied to look natural and work with your hair or a high contrast that fits the current trends. Includes complimentary dry styling.

Lowlights - Upon Consultation

Lowlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra depth and richness to your color. Lowlights can be applied to work with your current color or as a contrast to fit the current trends. Includes complimentary dry styling.

Shades EQ - 55.00+

You don't want just color - you want amazing color. Hair color with depth, dimension, shine and style. Custom color that you can only get from your Redken stylist with Shades EQ. Includes complimentary dry styling.

Bleach - 70.00+

Want to switch it up a notch. Bleach can lighten your hair all the way to blonde! Includes complimentary dry styling.

Staining/Glossing - 55.00+

A subtle wash of color goes over your hair to prolong your existing hair color or makes your current color brighter. Hair will look shiny and bright. Includes complimentary dry styling.

Brow Tint - 14.00+

 Brow tinting is a safe way to add a subtle tint to your brow color. You can match your brows to a new or existing hair color easily.