Woman's Design Cut

Options available:

  • Women's Shampoo and Cut-No Style - 50.00+
  • Women's Shampoo Cut and Style - 55.00+

A woman's haircut that is designed for the individual's need, whether it's a contemporary or classic look. Our stylists know that every woman's hair is different, and has different needs. Our stylists also understand that your hair cut is a big part of your personal appearance and lifestyle. Our belief is that if we work together we can create an awesome look!

Bang Trim - 5.00+

Our stylists are dedicated to helping you maintain your new cut and style. A bang trim is one of the ways we help you maintain your cut. Come in for a quick trim in-between hair cuts. 

Children's Cut

Options available:

  • Children up to 8 - 25.00+

  • Preteens (9-12, cut only) - 30.00+

We are kid friendly and we would love to make your little darlings look great!
Our kid's haircut is a special service just for the little ones. Let our stylists, who are great with kids make them feel special and beautiful with their new cut, while their parents are relaxing or having their own salon services.

Hair Set or Blow Dry - 40.00+

Perfect for a night out, or a big job interview. Your hair is shampooed, blown out and styled. It takes just a little bit to give you a beautiful style.

Style - 60.00+

Perfect for that special occasion, or a big job interview. Your hair is shampooed, curled or straightened, blown out and styled. Regardless of what you need, we are here to give you the best preparation your hair can have.

Wedding Style/Updo - 90.00+

Hair styling for the Bride's special day, and her wedding party. Please don't forget your practice session as well. We highly recommend a consultation before booking your wedding appointments. 50% payment required at consultation in cash.

Conditioners - 25.00+

These conditioners are a perfect add-on to any service. They aid the maintaince of healthy hair.